Producing Licorice and Fruit Gum

PROFORM can supply continuous production machines to produce licorice and fruit gum or leather, according to your needs.

Some examples :

  • 1 flavor and 1 color products
  • Several color and flavor products
  • Licorice filled with sugar paste, co-extruded
  • Rolled or wound licorice laces with or without a candy in the center…

continuous production line of licorice or fruit gum is composed as follows :

  • Metering of ingredients, manually or PLC controlled
  • Cooking and extrusion of ropes
  • Final shaping
  • Cutting

In order to feed your wrapping machines.

The same PROFORM production line can make several products : multi-colors, filled, laces, strips, twists, tubes…

Format changes are quick and simple.

Application/Product :

Licorice and Fruit Gum

Capacity :

  • From 500 to 1000 kg/h (according to the product)
  • From 8 to 40 ropes