Testing & Machinery Rentals

Laboratory Tests at PROFORM  :

We are equipped to test your products at our site :

  • to validate the compatibility between our machines and your product
  • to test the feasibility of a new product…
  • to make samples…


Laboratory Production Scale Tests at your Site :

In order to rent a machine and have it shipped to your site, contact us


Production Scale Tests>:

PROFORM together with our partner HÄNSEL PROCESSING, also a machinery builder and expert in cooking solutions, can propose a complete production line from the weighing of ingredients to wrapping, for products such as chewy candy, caramel, toffee…

The « CandyLab » de HÄNSEL PROCESSING in Hannover (Germany) is equipped with production machines to carry out production scale tests.


Laboratory Machinery Range :

PROFORM also builds a range of extrusion and forming machinery to equip your research & development lab.