Our Partners

In order to supply you with a complete production line for hard candy, caramel, toffee, chewy candy, we are working with two German partners :


HÄNSEL PROCESSING, expert in the domain of cooking. (www.kloeckner-haensel.de)






THEEGARTEN-PACTEC, expert in wrapping solutions. (www.theegarten-pactec.de)


We can supply a complete production line :

  • From the weighing system for ingredients
  • to the cooker
  • then to cooling,
  • Extrusion
  • And final forming;
  • Wrapping is also possible.

Capacities range between 300 to 4000 kg/h.

The experience of our three companies allows us to propose production line concepts that are high performing and are proven. Our lines respect manufacturers’ demands in terms of productivity, flexibility and quick product changes.

We also ensure that our machinery is economical in energy consumption, with minimal maintenance, and with intuitive and simple controls.