About Us

Since 1995 Proform has become a leader and expert in extrusion and forming technology for confectionery products..

Proform builds a wide range of production machinery for the confectionery and pharmaceutical industries for products such as :

  • Chewing-gum & Bubble-gum
  • Soft or Chewy Candy
  • Toffee, Caramel
  • Hard Candy
  • Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers
  • Licorice & Fruit Gum
  • Animal Feed…

We can provide you with complete solutions, that are both economical and specifically adapted to your projects, whether they are creating, modifying or renewing your production lines.

In partnership with two German companies, we can provide you with full turn-key production lines, or individual machines.


Today, our machinery is working in over 40 countries worldwide. Our know-how, solid experience and references, as well as our service after sales, are appreciated by our clients.

PROFORM, building to your specifications