Designing & Building machinery and complete processing lines

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Producing Chewy Candy – Toffee - Caramel

In order to meet your requirements PROFORM proposes several types of production lines for chewy candy, soft chews, caramel, toffee, with or without filling… to meet your product requirements.

Application / Product


machines for Grained / Crystallized Products:


which can cool, crystallize and / or incorporate flavoring as well as coloring

Ball Former

and a Cooling Table called « Ball Forming Line »

Mixing Extruder

which can feed forming lines and Cooling Tunnel called « Cut & Wrap Line ».

Cooling Drum

only for the cooling then using a Mixing Extruder to crystallize and / or incorporate flavoring and coloring.

machines for Non-Crystallized Products:

Cooling Drum

Vertical Batch Roller & Rope Sizer

The finished product can feed your wrapping machines.

These installations are proven through the solid experience of all the production lines already functioning. They are also simple to use and are flexible.