Designing & Building machinery and complete processing lines

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Proform builds several types of chewing gum or bubble gum production lines…

We can supply you with:

Application / Product


Proform Chewing &Bubble Gum Production Lines

Continuous Mixing

continuously make chewing gum, bubble gum or gum base

Ball Gum

to produce balls or other spherical shapes of chewing gum or bubble gum – with or without powder or semi-liquid filling.

Rolling & Scoring

produce gum in sticks, tabs or pellets, single color or co-extruded, two colors.

Cut & Wrap

produce bubble gum with or without semi-liquid fillings or chewing gum in layers of several colors, with or without filling.

Extrusion & Co-Extrusion

produce 2 color (or more) products in one or more flavors