Designing & Building machinery and complete processing lines

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PROFORM machines and production lines are specifically engineered to respond to your needs.

PROFORM can assist you in building your “turn-key” project, from the study of your requirements to the start-up of your production line.

Our production lines are:

  • Rational
  • Modular
  • Simple to use
  • Durables
  • Safe (norms ATEX, UL, CE…) 

Production line flexibility. Our flexibility means increasing the number of machines in function with your production needs, in order to reduce your initial investment.

Fast Product Changes and Simplified Maintenance

All wear & tear parts are easy access to simplify maintenance or change.

Low Energy Consumption and Sustainability

The careful use of resources, combined with the quality and durability of our machinery also stems from our Alsatian heritage.

Saving energy has always been a part of our development, from our beginnings.

Our passion for our work associated with your creativity -> a great team!

PROFORM, your sustainable partner.