Ball Forming Production Lines

Pilulier “BF 1002”

Application/Product :

Bubble Gum & Chewing Gum, Chewy Candy, Toffee, Hard Candy, Marzipan, Animal Feed…

Capacity :

  • Up to 560 kg/h and according to the type of product
  • From Ø8 to Ø 45 mm… in various spherical shapes, according to your imagination (ask us)

Construction :

Stainless Steel

Options :

Production of solid or hollow products, with liquid or powder filling…

Advantage :

Functions with other existing formats, ranging from 705 to 1050mm: such as BF 800, BF 1000…or even other manufacturers (ask us).

This type of line offers three possibilities :

  • Producing a solid product
  • Producing a hollow product
  • Producing a filled product (jelly, syrup, chocolate…powder, citric acid…)


A production line can be composed as follows :

In order to ensure smooth, high production our BF 1002 Ball Forming Machine works continuously.

Its flexibility allows you to produce different formats and / or diameters simultaneously.


Filled Products :

Three types of different fillings :

  • Powder filling
  • Liquid filling
  • Semi-liquid filling

Example :

Our Extruder can feed several Ball Formers BF 1002, each of which is equipped with another format.

As the production parameters are memorized, format changes are quick.

Products made on the Ball Former can be coated or directly wrapped.

Maintenance is minimal as is easy access.

We have a test machine available for the development of new products (contact us or see Services Testing & Machinery Rentals)

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