« Cut & Wrap » Production Line


PROFORM Extruders :

PROFORM Extruders can produce a precise, regular format, which will allow your wrapping machines to function continuously and at high speed.

Application/Product :

  • Chewing-gum, Bubble-gum
  • Chewy Candy / Soft Chews
  • Caramel
  • Toffee…

Capacity :

Up to 3200 kg/h

Format :

  • Squares
  • Rectanges
  • Cylinders

Construction :

  • Lacquered / painted steel
  • Stainless steel

Options :

  • Semi-liquid fillings or powder
  • Metal detector…

A « Cut & Wrap » production line can be composed of the following :


It is possible to produce identical formats or different ones simultaneously, to respond to your marketing needs :

  • Format changes are quick as the production parameters are memorized.
  • The product is cooled after forming, to directly feed your cut & wrap machine.
  • It is possible to simultaneously extrude products of different colors and flavors (co-extrusion)
  • « Cut & Wrap » lines can also handle products with semi-liquid or gelled fillings.
  • Maintenance is minimal and easy access

Progressive investment possible :

Proform can supply a production line (extruder and cooling tunnel)  that can feed your wrapping machines functioning at different capacities.

A PROFORM « Cut & Wrap » line offers maximum production flexibility to manufacturers; according to your needs, the Extruders or Co-Extruder of the ME or FE series can continuously mix flavor and color into a neutral paste.