Extrusion – Co-Extrusion

Extrusion sucre cuit

PROFORM: experts in the domain of Extrusion.


  • Bubble-gum & Chewing-gum
  • Caramel
  • Toffee
  • Chewy Candy
  • Soft Chews…

Capacity :

  • Up to 36 ropes/Extruder
  • 5 to 6 000 kg/h according to the size of the machine
  • 1 color/flavor, 2 or 3 colors and flavors (co-extrusion)

Construction :

  • Lacquered / painted steel
  • Stainless steel

Options :

  • Sizing
  • Filling
  • Infeed by skip
  • CIP systems…

Our extruders ensure :

  • A stable, constant extrusion speed, even with fluctuations in voltage
  • After setting, the Extruder produces continuously without operator intervention
  • Easy cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance and easy access
  • Extrusion of a wide variety of formats
  • Precise extrusion, for the optimal functioning of downstream equipment
  • User-friendly controls of the Extrudeur via a touch screen (intuitive and multilingual)
  • Constant temperature is maintained of the barrel and the compression head via a specific tempering system
  • Manual infeed of the Extrudeur or PLC controlled
  • Progressive investment possible; options can be added later without modification



A PROFORM Co-Extruder can make 2 color products simultaneously with single color products, for greater flexibility. For example, a Co-Extruder equipped with 4 outputs, being fed with red and white chewing gum can extrude :

  • 4 two color ropes
  • 2 red ropes and 2 white ropes
  • 2 ropes of 2 colors and 1 white rope and 1 red rope

Also, the sections of these 4 ropes can all be different.



Ranges of Extruders :

Pre-Extruders GPE : iinstalled if necessary in order to well homogenize the product for an optimal infeed of the downstream Extruder.
A GPE can extrude up to 4 product ropes.
Different hopper sizes are available as well as infeed by skip

Extruders GE : forming the final shape of all viscous products, with or without filling.

Extruders CE : forming the final shape of all viscous products, in stainless steel execution

Extruders HE : for hard candy extrusion

Extruder FE : inter-meshing and self-cleaning extrusion screws. Due to this the mechanical warming of the mass is reduced.

Extruders BR : extruding filling of bubble gum or chewy candy into hard candy.
An Extruder BR coupled to a batch roller can make a double filling :

  • 1st filling : chewy candy or chewing gum
  • 2nd filling : semi-liquid (inside the 1st filling) to make lollipops for example…

Filling Options : powder, semi-liquid, bubble gum, chewy candy….

  • Powder filling system (installed on the Extruder pressure head)
  • Semi-Liquid filling system via a (Filling Pump).

We have a test machine available for the development of new products (contact us or see Services Testing & Machinery Rentals)

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