Proform Winding Machine


Application/Product :

  • Chewing-gum & Bubble-gum
  • Licorice or Fruit Gum

Capacity :

Up to 35 rolls / min.

Construction :

PVC or stainless steel

Options :

  • Rolls put into boxes
  • Candies inserted into roll centers
  • Winding on paper strips…

Advantage :

Modular design

A PROFORM Winder is of robust build, with rapid,  precise functioning, for another type of finished product.

In order to respond to your marketing needs, the PROFORM winder makes several styles :

  • Winding of strips or laces
  • Winding after depositing onto paper
  • Winding with a candy inserted (in the center)
  • Winding and putting the rolls into boxes

A PROFORM winder is an option that is always installed at the end of the production line.

Maintenance is minimal and easy access.