Rolling & Scoring Production Lines


A production line can be composed as follows :

Application/Product :

Chewing Gum – Bubble Gum in sticks, tabs, pellets…

Capacity :

  • 7’’, 9’’, 15’’ or 24’’
  • from 380 to 5 500 kg/h

Construction :

  • Lacquered / painted steel
  • Stainless steel

Options :

  • Metal detector
  • Powder recycling
  • Carts for format changes
  • 2 colors…

Advantages of a Rolling & Scoring Line :

  • The Rolling & Scoring Machine can be fed by a Co-Extruder to make two color products
  • Low operator intervention -> format changes are quick & simple
  • Upper and lower brushing system connected to a centralized vacuum system reduces dust emissions
  • Powder recycling system
  • Autonomous and modular powdering system, for a quick change from a sugar product to a sugarless one
  • Metal detection and ejection system to evacuate contaminated products
  • Tempering of rolling cylinders, for constant quality production
  • Modular stations for simple and quick format changes
  • Quality control system, verifying the exact dimensions and weight of each sheet made
  • Tempering and Curing Tunnel
  • Optional passage on a stainless steel cooling belt BR
  • Stacking of the sheets made at output, either manual or entirely automated
  • Breaking Drum, reducing the scored sheets into individual pieces
  • Manual control system or via PLC with recipe and production parameter management
  • ATEX execution available upon request


Different standard executions are available, in order to best respond to your production requirements.


Examples of finished products (chewing-gum in 1 or 2 colors) :

  • Pellets
  • Sticks
  • Tabs