Cooling Tunnels TR - Tempering & Maturation / Curing Tunnels TT

Maintenance :

Maintenance is minimal and easy access.
For example, a conveyor belt change is done in 10 minutes

Application/Product :

  • Bubble-gum
  • Toffee
  • Caramel
  • Chewy Candy
  • Licorice…

Capacity :

  • Up to 3 000 kg/h
  • Cooling from +60°C to +20°C

Construction :

PVC or stainless steel

Advantages :

  • PROFORM Cooling Tunnels can function in a factory at room temperature
  • The double air flow design results in balanced air dynamics and reduced energy consumption
  • Capable of reaching 30 to 35 % RH when running at a temperature of 10°C
  • Its cooling system is designed to recycle a maximum of energy
  • « Ecological » refrigeration gases used

Options :

  • Output or transfer tables
  • Metal detectors

In function with the different products and manufacturing processes, Proform proposes :

  • Tempering / Maturation Tunnels of 1 to several tiers.
  • Cooling Tunnels of up to 15 tiers.


A Tempering / Curing Tunnel :

It allows a product to be tempered or stocked, for a certain lapse of time, to then feed an Extruder GE.
This process is used :

  • for product maturation / curing
  • to homogenize a product
  • to absorb production fluctuations


A Cooling Tunnel :

It cools the final product for wrapping.
The length of the tunnel and the number of tiers depends on :

  • the quantity of product to cool
  • the final temperature required
  • and the available space