Cooling Drum

A Cooling Drum ensures :

  • the cooling of product coming directly from your cooker, before forming
  • a rapid drop in the temperature of your product
  • « 24/7 »continuous production

The robust design and efficiency of our Cooling Drum have been proven by numerous installations. In function with your recipe or the final temperature required, a Double Cooling Drum can cool twice the amount of the single one.

Application/Product :

  • Caramel
  • Chewy Candy
  • Nougat…

Capacity :

  • Up to 2 500 kg/h
  • Cooling from +130°C to +40°C

Construction :

Stainless steel

Avantage :

Quick drop in the product temperature.

Options :

Single or Double Drum

Plusses :

  • The sides of the drum are constantly oiled, to make them « anti-sticking »
  • Maintenance is minimized and easy access
  • Hygienic design


After your cooker, a Proform production line could be composed as follows :