Application/Product :

Toffee, Caramel, Chewy Candy, Soft Chews -> 1 color & 1 flavor

Capacity :

  • Up to 2 500 kg/h (according to application)
  • Several ropes (according to the product)

Construction :

  • Lacquered / painted steel
  • Stainless steel

Options :

  • Powdering
  • Ingredient metering units
  • Cooling of screws
  • CIP system…

Advantages :

Cooling, crystallizing, mixing in of ingredients and splitting of the mass into several ropes in one single machine

The Intruder’s strength: 4 functions in 1 machine.

  • Directly takes in the product mass from the cooker for efficient cooling, without other machinery
  • Continuous graining or crystallization of the soft candy
  • Incorporation of coloring, flavoring, citric acid… which transform a neutral product into a finished product
  • At the Intruder output : splitting of the mass into several ropes (up to 6) to continually feed downstream forming lines


Other Advantages of the Intruder :

  • The machine is self-cleaning. This saves the time used for cleaning and also water
  • Production start and stop are simplified
  • In case of a power outage, it is possible to resume production without cleaning or other work
  • According to your production needs, the Intruder can form several ropes of different dimensions. Our Intruder is capable of feeding your downstream installations, running at different speeds


Option :

CIP system

Innovative Technology :

  • The Intruder replaces a Cooling Drum or cooling belt, thus eliminating the difficulties of product sticking.
  • The Intruder replaces a pulling machine or a z-blade mixer. It also eliminates the lumps that can be produced by these machines resulting in very regular, fine texture and product.
  • The product residence time is adjustable. The level of texture or degree of hardness can easily be adjusted to prevent any retraction of the candy or toffee mass after discharge.